Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Artwork

Like I Said before, I've been photographing artwork I've done that I still have around. Many of the pieces I do now are examples I do for my students. Hopefully I inspire them with a project or to show a technique. I'm notorious for starting a project with them, but I never finish it, as I get too busy helping them or one of the other tasks the art room and teaching requires. I'll take a few photos of paintings I've given to Mom and Dad, that are on the farm, in the weeks ahead when I head that way for a visit.
Right: This is a project I do with 8th graders using crayon resist techniques with watercolors.Above: I chose perfume bottles for subject matter for this monochromatic painting with tempera paint. I did this along with students at school.
Left: This watercolor was done on location in Cedar Falls, IA, the summer of 1985, when I was taking a watercolor workshop at UNI with Shirley Haupt (1929-1988). All the buildings in the painting are now long gone at this intersection near the Historic Round Barn on Main St.
Shirley was a professor when I attended UNI and I had her for three drawing classes. She was my favorite art professor and about the age I am now when she taught me!Above: This is an oil painting I did ages ago. We don't do oil painting in class anymore due to the toxicity.

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