Sunday, October 3, 2010

Construction at School

This year at school, we're dealing with construction as they add additional rooms for the K-2 school to move over and join the 3-12 complex.  There are already sections to the school added on here and there with; high school, middle school and 3-5 areas.  With the addition there will be remodeling of some of the existing areas as well.
I used to have easy access to the outside, but now that is gone and replaced by the sound of construction outside my window and on the other side of the wall.  Parking and access to the school has also changed and instead of one locked door to the outside I have three, and a much longer path to walk.
Completion is scheduled for August 2011.  I have started taking photos out the old door in my hallway and hope to take weekly photos to watch the progress.  I should have started this a couple months ago but here are some beginning photos to share.

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Robin said...

Good idea to post a blog on your construction. Since our school is still under total construction, I think I'll have my Photography Club kids start a blog with weekly updates.


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