Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy 85th Birthday Papa!

85 years have passed since that day in the little temporary home (later the chicken house) on our farm when Calvin Theodore Johnson was born.  Imagine calling the same address home his entire life.
He has given me a lifetime of precious memories.  Childhood memories of being carried upstairs, building my tree house, being comforted and cared for in times of need, the strong hands that give the best back rubs, time on the farm, family vacations, antique car doings, teaching me to drive, setting an example of how to act, the teacher - showing me how to do things, gifts he's given from the heart, the ultimate craftsman, humor and the gift of gab, his work ethic, the helper - setting an example to follow, being a good friend, loving his family,...
To Dad,
This is a special birthday wish that comes with love to you
It brings warm and heartfelt thanks for all the thoughtful things you do--
It also comes to let you know you mean more to me each day
From everyone your life has touched in such a loving way.

Wishing Dad all the best today and everyday as he celebrates his 85th Birthday!
Love hugs and kisses being sent across the miles!
Love, Diane


Carol said...

Wonderful tribute to your DAD! Happy Birthday Calvin and so glad you are getting to spend it in the sun instead of the freezing temps of Iowa!!!! Diane, I know it is hard to not be with your dad today, but technology is so wonderful, you will see his mug and hear his voice on this special day. Love and blessings to all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cal - You and Darlene were such great friends to my parents - Ike and Nettie. I remember the "meets" at your farm and the week headquartered out of Detroit Lakes. It was my Dad's first trip without my Mom and then his trailer was stolen . . . but not to worry with all the great friends to help. Have a great day you two. Carol Eichhorn Pieper

Roxane McCasland said...

Happy Birthday Calvin!! Hope it's warm and sunny in Mesa. It's pretty cold here in New Mexico. The high is 30 degrees for Thanksgiving Day. Jim and boys are doing good - Jake got home yesterday. Hope you had a nice day and may you have many more happy birthdays Calvin!!! Love, Roxane


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