Sunday, February 27, 2011


As we come to the end of February I reflect back on the month and can't believe for such a short month it was full of so much.
First of all I lost my hard drive on my computer.  Everything from the last 4 1/2 years is gone... no backup.  A reminder to everyone to back up your information, photos, files, etc.  Thank goodness for an OLD computer I kept with my things on it from 2006 and before.  I have some things but have lost almost everything else.  I had a few CDs with photos and of course have everything I've posted on this blog as far as family history and photos.  Photos I posted here and to my FB account are still available, but I usually lowered the resolution of the photos before posting them on line so only have the low resolution/size.  Luckily I had made a CD of many of last years photos for my sister Deb at Christmas and will have those available to me.  I thought about getting a new computer but decided to just put a new hard drive into the computer.
Then the month gets filled in with school; grading, midterms, end of the trimester, lesson plans, parent teacher conferences.  I teach 8 different classes everyday and one of those classes rotates different groups of kids every three days, so I see 10 different groups of kids at school.  Teaching 6-12 art and 7-8 Technology keeps me hopping.
Fill in the time that's left and we've had a few snow storms, rain, snow days to allow the weather to dictate how the days progress.
I also had a tooth ache start until finally I couldn't put off a visit to the dentist.  It was more than my regular dentist could attack and I had to go to another dentist and am now scheduled for surgery where they will cut across my gum on four teeth, peal the gum back and then cut out a root that is abscessed.  Oh joy!
So there is a short review of the month, after hearing how February treated me, I'm sure you'll agree with me, it's time for March!

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Robin said...

February was the 4th full month of solid winter for IA and SD, then add the stuff you are putting up with and yuck! March has to be better. Spring has to be here soon and then SUMMER VACATION. Hang in there.


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