Saturday, June 18, 2011

Longtime friends

Back in February conversations started via emails with some college roommates of mine, with plans to get together and watch the Royal wedding of Will and Kate at the end of April.  With the February "blues" hitting us, four of us (and two husbands) quickly jumped on the chance for an excuse to get together and take off a day of work to have our reunion.  We started our countdown to the date via rotating e-mails discussing plans for the weekend, and the entertainment of weekly Will and Kate trivia provided by Janine.  It wasn't just the wedding enticing us to meet, but of seeing each other, getting away from our daily grind, finding the familiar in a friendship over 30 years old.  Clear Lake was the destination and we took out from Beaman and Denver, IA, Shakopee, MN, and Roscoe, IL.

There was sharing to be done; gift bags, crafts, photos, travels to hear about and technology to be played with.  Beth is so talented, she creates so much; books, quilts, memory containers,...  Here are a couple of her creations she's made that share family stories and photos to capture a moment in time.

Janine had tiaras and boas for us to sport for the wedding.  Mike and his Mom made us a delicious English breakfast in honor of the wedding in the early hours and from there on we talked, laughed, shopped and ate all weekend long.

We "found" old friends on facebook, reminisced and renewed friendships that have withstood time.   Thank you Janine and Mike for your hospitality and all of you for your timeless friendship.
Janine, Penny, Beth and Diane (AKA J-rod, P-rod, Miller and Johns)
The view from their patio in Clear Lake.

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