Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fallhemmet, Ljung, Östergötland, Sweden

I told you I would ramble on with random postings... In 2001, I went to Sweden with my Mom, Aunt Joyce and cousin Robin. We explored the homeland of our ancestors and traveled the countryside seeing places where they lived. We found the people of Sweden to be the most gracious and hospitable people who made our adventure even more special.

One special place was called Fallhemmet. A cabin built by brothers Karl and Adolph Svensson up in the hills behind their birthplace. Only by 2001, nothing remained of the cabin but the cellar. Still written on some maps, it is up off the rough lumber road tracks, the location is marked for hunters and extreme sports trackers. We hiked up to the area where ferns and thick sheets of moss covered huge slabs of rock covering the hillside. There would be no photo of an old cabin.
So being the resourceful person technology has allowed me to become I took an old photo from 1929, of Fallhemmet and 2001 photos of the trees, ferns and flowers of the area and combined them all, adding color to the scene and a painting like finish. Here is an example of my technical skills.


Carol said...

Diane, Wow is all I can say. You have really taken off on this blogging thing. You are inspiring me to do more. Thanks. Carol

Linda Ziulkowski said...

I love reading all "my" family history in your blog! Thank you! The pictures, the stories, they are all super. I really like what you did with the photo/picture. And talk about reliving things, even just seeing the picnic pictures, or Grandview of old, or reading about you and Deb on the train adventure, you are refreshing so many memories, pushed back to the far corners of my mind. I had even forgotten that you had been an exchange student in Sweden.
It's fun reading and re-reading!



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