Wednesday, March 10, 2010

News from Chile

In 1972 we had an exchange student live with our family from Chile. Carmen attended West Lyon Community School as a senior with my sister Deb and became an addition to our family for life.
As the news of an earthquake in Chile came to light we immediately thought of Carmen's family and home country and contacted her for news. She lives with her husband Dennis in New Zealand now, so we knew she was safe, but were concerned about her loved ones who lived in the areas hit by the earthquake.
Carmen has started a blog to keep people informed of the continued news from Chile and her family. It gives the personal touch to this disaster and shows how prayers are still needed for so many. Take a look at her blog Earthquake in Chile - My Experience.
Right: Carmen and Dennis Brown


Carmen said...

Thanks Diane for spreading the news and making people more aware. Trouble is the world hasn't finished pouring all their energies into the Haiti's earthquake when this one happened. Close to NZ here we've just had a cyclone in Fiji, and recently another cyclone in the Solomon Islands and a tsunami in Samoa also not long ago, that the NZ government and all charity organizations are still helping and concentrating on... It just seems one disaster after another! The area covered by the Chilean one is so widespread that it will take years for Chile to recover.

Black Granite said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful info keep it up the good work going...:)


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