Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eating at Hell's Kitchen

When we were in Minneapolis, a couple weekends ago for the NAEA convention we went to a restaurant called Hell's Kitchen. We were told it was rated the number one place for breakfast in the cities. Well, we found time to go there for supper instead, and still found the food great.
I had a sandwich that was described as their most popular sandwich on the menu, a walleye BLT. Sounds a little out of the norm, but it was delicious and I recommend it if you get a chance to eat there!
While waiting for our table there was time to explore and check out the decor. The red and black walls, cow skulls hanging on the wall, chandeliers with silverware and knives, black birds perched on trees and branches all gave the place atmosphere. Although not scary at all it was fun to check it out.
The bathroom was another adventure with eerieness. The photos on the wall looked old and normal until you walked past them, the images changed to ghostly scenes that changed before your eyes.
A person had to laugh as you saw them change, and while we were in there taking photos, I'm sure those wanting to use the facilities thought we were a little scary too, being in the bathroom with cameras.

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