Monday, October 12, 2009

Missing you...

are you missing me? I've been too busy to write! (Ok, add procrastination and my obsession with facebook in there as excuses too) School is keeping me hopping lately, as well as things at home.
Let's see, since I last wrote, my folks came down for a visit. We went to an auction in a nearby town and managed to find a few things that made their way into my folks van. My Dad got a nice Ansonia mantle clock that is now mine as an early Christmas present. That makes four clocks he has "brought" into my home. HA, I think one reason is the folks don't have room at their home for any more clocks. Mom got a beautiful oak library table. It was great having them here.
Grading at school continues to keep me involved... as an art teacher grading is not my most favorite activity so I manage to avoid it at all costs. It's so subjective in my curricular area, I try to justify my grades with comments written back and that takes me a while. First I had midterms for my HS semester run classes and then midterms for my MS trimester classes and now it's time for 9 weeks grading for the HS classes again... you see the pattern here? I also got a new kiln this year, all digital. It is a beauty but I had to learn to operate it... not to mention the extra time it takes to load and fire things outside of the regular teaching schedule.
Today I went to a convention on technology with my superintendent in Iowa City, IA. Next I'll be reporting on what I learned at a faculty in-service in a couple weeks so a presentation will have to be prepared... it goes goes on and on and on... Get one task done and another comes in it's place.
I'll try to get back to my regular posting soon. Just wanted to tell you I haven't fallen off the end of the world, yet!


Carol said...

Life is so busy. I don't have time to learn anything new, just try to keep things going at school and at home. I teach Sunday School too, so that takes some prep time each week. Oh well, I would hate to have NOTHING to do too....although maybe would take it for a day here and there.

augusta said...
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Ronda said...

OK, seriously I didn't think it would be THIS LONG before you posted again! :-) DID you fall off the earth? I can completely relate...grades, thesis, and more.


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