Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I needed to post something before November got her so I thought what's happening now but Halloween?
Growing up in the country, I don't remember doing too much of the neighborhood trick or treating. We had community parties, hayrides, and bonfires instead. Trick or treating was more of a town kids event. We'd dress up for school parties and sometimes farm kids would go into town to trick or treat.
I found these photos from 1957 when my brothers and sister were in their pjs all cleaned up. Was it after trick or treating? What did the rest of their costumes look like?
Mom saved a couple of my earliest boughten costumes, A Tweetie Bird and Huckelberry Hound. I know there are some photos out there but in a slide somewhere or another album for another time.
One of my earliest Halloween memories revolves around a party we had in our basement on the farm. Neighbors young and old were invited and I was pretty young. I can vividly remember a neighbor who scared me so bad on the stairs to the basement that I ended up hiding under the love seat in the living room for most of the night. I was dressed as a nurse and when my Dad and a different neighbor came into the living room to sit and talk away from the party. I surprised them as I crawled out from the love seat and made myself known. Dad took me back to the party and showed me who the scarey man on the steps was. It was traumatic if I remember so much of the night almost 50 years later.

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