Friday, October 2, 2009


Thinking of the right strategy to fix a problem. How do I...? What if...? Kids come up with solutions to problems in the oddest ways. While I may not agree with their technique for fixing a problem, I guess I am thankful they are brainstorming to find a solution instead of sitting back and doing nothing. In one of my classes this past week, a girl wanted to get an angle cut off the end of a stick so she could poke it into a sculpture she was making. "Scared" of using the saw, she was trying to cut the end off a stick and didn't trust herself not to cut me if I held the end of the stick for more support.
Two boys in the class quickly volunteered to attack the problem. Without a clamp in the art room, and an old miter saw, one boy stood on the stick while the other sawed the end at an angle. I couldn't let it happen without catching their work with a couple photos. While unconventional, they got the angle cut and the sculpture continued... everyone was happy and no injuries!

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