Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ahhhhh... Massage

Yesterday I had a massage. The owner of the salon called me about a half hour before my appointment and offered to come pick me up so I wouldn't have to drive down and back, wanting to make my experience last as long as it could. (Small town Iowa, remember) I took advantage of the offer and relaxed into the pamper mode.

There are many health benefits to receiving massage therapy on a regular basis: Relieves stress, Encourages relaxation, Improves circulation, Improves posture, Lowers blood pressure, Helps manage pain, Relaxes muscles, Improves flexibility, Improves breathing, Relieves tension headaches, Strengthens immune system, Decreases depression,...

Now, I could use any and all of those benefits and about now you may be jealous or think "I should schedule a massage too" (and you should). I was told to go home, drink lots of water for the rest of the day, take a bath (they gave me some sea salts to bathe in) and then take a nap.

As I was being dropped off at home I was surprised at seeing a neighbor and his dog out clearing the snow from my driveway, could this day get any better? Buddy the dog gave me some lovin and wags of his tail as I went in the house. I'm on vacation now and those things on my to do list were put on hold as I continued my day of relaxation. I talked with family and friends on the phone, watched a movie or two and had some homemade lefse. May you have relaxing days ahead of you too.


Robin said...

I used to get a massage once a month - I'm thinking I'd better get back into that mode. They don't cost very much in a small town - 25-30 an hour. Stay relaxed.

Cursos de massagem said...

Great post ,massagem its allways nice for the body.

augusta said...

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