Saturday, December 5, 2009

Memories from my Auntie Joyce

This was shared with me from my Aunt, Joyce (Johnson) Whitcher, in December of 1999. Auntie Joyce passed away four years ago now, but it's memories like this that we hold dear. When I read these lines I'm transported to a time long ago. Pass on some of your memories to loved ones this Christmas and anytime of the year.
Right: Dale and Joyce Whitcher, 2005

Below: Joyce Johnson, 1927
“The old sheep shed hill and creek were a couple of my favorite places as a child. Uncle Carl, who lived with us, would just shake his head at the things we would do as kids.
Wish I could remember many memories of my childhood at Grandma Anna's. (Mrs. Charley Swanson) She was such a kind gentle person, everyone loved her. The neighbor children would fight to deliver eggs to her. This was after they moved into the new house and the renters would supply the eggs. She would always reward them with a treat or a gift. The old home where mother grew up was a place of beauty & charm to me. The grove of apple trees in springtime was a maze of pink fragrant blossoms. Auntie Mabel had a hammock under the trees which intrigued me as the ultimate way to go. Of course she had her favorite books there.
Below: The C.T. & Anna Swanson home.
Inside the gate where the sidewalk led to the house, were evergreen of spruce trees. Grandmother always had geese in the yard & they liked to chase me so I'd run for the porch. The house seemed so large to me, the favorite place to me was the pantry. So many good things emerged from there. The icebox had a big block of ice from the ice house, she made butter in a churn in the basement. The kitchen was very large where a table seated at least 12 people. But the parlor was the most mysterious of all, no one was allowed in there except for special occasions. There, the Christmas tree stood at the special Christmas I remember, when Santa came in the back door and placed a large box under the tree! And to my amazement it was my first beautiful doll.”

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Robin said...

Wow, I guess I haven't been on your blog lately. Thanks for these memories as told by Mom. I don't remember that she ever described Grandma Anna's place like that. I can see the place, geese, Santa, doll, etc. THANKS!


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