Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I should be at school...

Another day of no school due to winter weather. A mixture of snow and freezing rain is visiting NE Iowa.
I was downloading some photos from the school cameras this week trying to clear off photos from my Graphic Design class of last semester and came across these. A student must have taken these photos for a photo montage assignment. (I montaged the photos for this view) Oh my, what a wake up call to see the multiple photos joined together to make up this scene. It needs to be organized, filed and cleaned up drastically but obviously I'm having a hard time finding the time to get it done.We've had three days of school called off this year already and one late start. Add that to ending one semester of classes and adding a new group of classes and projects to get out. I've got to file away last semester so there is room for this semesters materials. It's about priorities I guess. While trying to make the current projects and classes progress the old stuff gets buried deeper into piles. Excuses, excuses... when I get it cleaned I'll have to post a new view.

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Ronda said...

Just sent you a link to an addictive collage program. Have fun!


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