Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Connected On Line

I'm dedicated to connecting with people via my computer. E-mail, Blogger, facebook, Iowapages, genealogy sites,... I'm a techie with enough training to make life interesting on-line.
I became administrator of my high school Class of 76 website, back in 2005, while we prepared for our 30th class reunion. It's been great to renew old friendships and build new connections.
My genealogy research has found me searching for ancestors and recently a cousin in Norway connected me with another cousin in Norway on another line, so I'm busy using Google translate to eavesdrop on their posts on facebook and websites they have. The Google link can translate words, paragraphs or entire web pages quickly and narrows the divide of languages and different countries.
For the past few years my family has had video conferencing via our computers. My iMac has a built in camera and the rest of my family have cameras mounted on the top of their computer screens. It was great to communicate with my brother Steve when he moved to California and my parents and other brother, sister and I continue to talk face to face via the internet. Here's a still shot glimpse of my mom and what we see via our video talks with each other.
I also have 3 blogs I work on, so communicate with students and friends that way and was also required to have a teacher/class web page for our school district. That makes five, count em, FIVE web pages I work on. Am I nuts? maybe a little. :-)
Ever since I got connected to the Internet, back in 1998, here at home, I've had the same e-mail and have resisted changing or updating my e-mail due to all the connections I've made. It has become a necessity in my life and I struggle when I can't e-mail, connect or have access to my internet connections. Don't you feel the same way? Hello to all my on-line friends out there!

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Beth Hoden said...

Yes, I struggle when I don't have internet!! We had to go a week without internet when we moved. Luckily we could get wireless from a neighbor, but I had to wait until Chris got home from work to use his laptop! I'm addicted to checking my daily websites and sales at my favorite stores!


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