Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

We have spring break this week and I'm afraid the week will fly by... I've got a list of things to accomplish, but so far have only attacked a few things on it. Things tend to pile up (literally) during the regular school weeks and it's overwhelming thinking about everything I've put off and intend to do this week.
I had a MRI on my ankle yesterday, it's still swelling and painful due to my psoriatic arthritis. Hopefully they'll find something to help after comparing it to one I had last summer. A friend went along with me and we went out to eat and shopping afterwards, it was great to have a fun day.
Today, I've resumed the housecleaning tasks and went outside a little to clean up the aftereffects of winter. I have spring cleaning inside and out to do. I still have artwork to grade and should get up to school to do some work but that will have to wait until another day... then there are taxes to do!!!
Here's the latest artist trading card I made. I want to get a big stack of them made to take along to the National Art Educators convention I'm going to in Minneapolis in April (in case there is some trading going on there.)

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