Thursday, April 2, 2009

Denver Art Show

We got the show put up in an hour and a half this afternoon! Of course there was a lot of prep work to make that happen but I got some great help from the students in my afternoon classes. (I'm making them banana splits/ sundaes tomorrow as a thank you treat.)
A successful night! All the work was worth the final results, a good crowd, happy students and parents and my 20th art show at Denver is now a thing of the past!
Tomorrow will bring sorting things out and getting students to take things home! The art room will soon be back to "normal".

Denver's art teachers: I teach grades 6-12 and Jodie Victoria teaches K-5. Jodie was my first student teacher here at Denver and now we work together and I have her two daughters in my classes.


Carol said...

I KNOW the exhaustion you feel and all the stuff that needs to get sorted and please, please, please take it home???!!!!! Congratulations on 20!!!

Ronda said...

Great photos! I loved the year that I was able to come up to see the show!

Spring is in the shows are winding down and yet snow this weekend?


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