Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Weeks... Always something!

Days fly by and there is always more to do, more to experience, more to fill my mind. This week started with my brother Steve's birthday on Monday. He would have been 54, but life on earth ended for him at age 52. I miss him, my family misses him. We were all full of memories of Steve on his special day.
This weekend Mom and Dad are coming to Denver to visit, so there is a lot to do in preparation of them coming. (is it getting done? procrastination!!!) As always, they're bringing some things down and I'm sending some things back with them. Sort of an on-going exchange between Denver and the farm.
They're cutting trees down across the street from me where the bank is putting in a parking lot. It's sad to see the mature and majestic, tall maples drop to the ground. My windbreak from the north is disappearing.
School continues to absorb my mind. Homecoming is next week. I've been working with the Freshmen class on decorations for their hall. Midterms were due Monday, but there continues to be things to grade and enter. I'm preparing the room for the 8th graders to start clay, let the dust begin. I got a new kiln this year so hopefully I'll be able to learn the new methods of firing pieces. Always something... and much, much more. How are you doing at "hanging in"?

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