Sunday, November 22, 2009

Be Thankful

I'm thankful for memories. Those of the past, and look forward to those to come. Passing down my own memories and those of my forefathers is what this blog is about. Maybe it's therapy for me in some way and my genealogy searching and home history interest has become my connection to those important memory makers in my life.

My Grandma Phoebe Johnson was a poet. Her poems give us a glimpse into the days she wrote about. She along with her brothers and sisters wrote little books about their parents and grandparents life. I treasure those stories and rejoice in their content that many others searching and researching their ancestors do not have access to for their families. I appreciate that I come from a family of collectors and savers. (most of the time) How we found papers at Grandpa Charlies that have filled in a story or added to one. Pass down your own stories, write down your memories, someone will be thankful for it in their own time.

Photo: Top left: Mom and I in the church in Linkoping lighting a candle. Top right: Deb and I at Globe, AZ on Christmas Day 2006
Bottom left: Four Generations. front: Calvin, Grandma Carolina, Joyce. back: Grandpa Phoebe and Grandpa Charlie. Bottom right: Our last family photo with all 6 of us, Christmas 2006. We'd just come back from swimming and Steve set up his tripod and camera and took our photo. Remember you can click on the photos to see an enlarged view.

Hallowed Remembrances
by Phoebe Swanson Johnson

Memories bring
Light and love to the soul;
A song, immortal, fills the heart

With faith.

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