Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Past

Christmas is a time for memories. Family is tops on my list, even if we're spread out across the miles this year, you can't take the memories of Christmas past away from each of us. Last year I posted most of the old Christmas photos I have scanned so far, so here are a few sights from my past for you.

Right: 1961. Steve and I opening our presents. Love my pajama's with the feet in them and the snaps at the waist. (I now have that coffee table with a new tall pedestal under it as my dining room table.)

Left: 1961. Joe and Debbie tearing into their presents. Debbie must be speedy since she's in a blur! (Blue pajamas were popular for the Johnson kids I guess.)

Right: 1962. I think this was before we headed off to the Christmas program at Church or to Grandma Phoebe's for Christmas Eve. I remember posing for this photo. Debbie and my dresses were black velvet. We have one with Grandma Wettestad with us too at this same time. She always stayed with us around the Christmas Season.

Left: 1962. Christmas Day at our house. Up front: Grandma Wettestad, Steve, Diane, Beth Swanson, Debbie, Priscilla Swanson, Dad. Back: Emil Swanson, Joe, Mable Swanson, Elmer Swanson, Grandma Phoebe

Right: 1962. Coffee and desert around the dining room table at our house. Phoebe, Beth, Priscilla, Elmer, Joe, Dad (Calvin) Emil, and Mable.

Left: 1962. Deb, Beth, Joe, Steve, Pris, Diane and Dad. Am I praying that pictures will be over soon? Beth and Pris are Dad's first cousins and daughters of Elmer Swanson. Beth was a professional singer and Priscilla was still in college to become a Dermatologist.


Essay said...

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Ronda said...

I am truly blessed to have you as a colleague and friend! My family and I wish you the very happiest of Christmases and the very best for the coming new year. Much love, Diane...


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