Monday, May 4, 2009

Johnson Reunion 2009

Descendants of Andrew and Albertina Johnson (Anders and Albertina Jönsson) met this weekend in Monroe, South Dakota. I didn't get to attend, but here are some photos from the gathering shared with me by cousins Shirley and Teresa. I don't know all of these people, but in my genealogy program, so may need some help with names on a few.

Left: Karen & Paul Hildring & granddaughter Tashley.
Right: Calvin & Darlene Johnson

Left: Gil & Iola Haugan
Right: Kay Langin, Sharon Schwartz, & Luella (Haugan) Lacey

Left: Paul & Karen Hildring
Right: Lyle & Sharon (Berg) Schwartz

Left: The hosts Gene & Pat Berg
Right: Ed Langin

Left: Shirley Scott, Kay L., Gil H., & Luella L.
Right: Berg Sisters; Judy P., Granddaughter Cassie, Sharon S., Teresa Berg

Left: Amy (Pietz) Moncur, Cassie Jo & Carrie
Right: Mike Larsen and Judy (Berg) Pietz

Left: Eunice & Ray Haugan
Right: Linda (Langin) Langner, Mike Larsen, Jackie (Larsen) Newcomb
Above: Jackie Newcomb and Viola Haugan

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