Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Friday of Vacation...

Today is my last Friday of summer vacation. Inservice starts next Friday. I'm slowly but surely getting my new e-mail out and changing registration passwords / e-mails for places I visit on the web. I had the same e-mail for over 10 years. In fact it was my first and only e-mail since I got on line. The tech crisis is over and I'm getting things in order.
As the rain pours down here in Denver, IA I'm thinking of what I want to accomplish this last week of vacation. Those of you who know me well, know I'm a procrastinator. I've got great ideas but put things off easily, or should I say I get distracted easily and head another direction... Anyone else feel like that describes you? Wishing good things for you as summer vacation comes to an end.


Ronda said...

Yes...I do know how you feel! And, yes, my list is longer now than when the summer started. Spent yesterday and today in training for Study Wiz is somewhat mind boggling, but will be amazing when we get it fully implemented and running.

I absolutely LOVE your procrastination 'poster'! I think I may have to create a similar one for my classroom! HA HA HA

Carol said...

Hope you enjoy your last little bit of time before school starts. I feel like I never really got started with anything and never really got to slow down either. Lots and lots of ballgames and grandkids this summer, but blessed to have them close. WL teachers start the 20th!


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