Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Favorite Photos of the Past

Looking back through old photos I found some favorites among those that have been scanned of my brothers, sister and I. They either bring back memories or remind me of another time, when we were all young and carefree.

Fall of 1957, I wasn't even born yet, but I like this photo of Dad having coffee on a break from work with Joe showing him something he likes in a catalog. A father and son moment.
I don't remember a time when the dinning room was used for everyday coffee unless we had company. In my day, the kitchen has always been the place where many a cup of coffee was served to family and friends as conversations varied from day to day. Love the old pump organ behind them. There was lots of fun around it when they'd hook up the air flow from the vacuum to the bellows chamber and you wouldn't have to pump! July 1958, Debbie in our front yard in front of the house. I remember this dress even though the photo was taken only a couple months after I was born, so I imagine it made its way to become a "hand me down" and was my dress too. There are things in the photo that are long gone, the white picket fence is gone, even the hedge to the right, and the barn is also gone. Isn't it a wonder that even though things disappear with time, memories are refreshed with a simple look at a photo?
July 1957, We teased Stevie about his talent at pouting when he was a kid. Although this photo is pretty dark, you can't escape the lower lip protruding. I wonder what he was upset about? Did his truck crash? Maybe he wasn't ready to come in from playing outside. What a cutie.

Winter of 1961, Bibsey was our horse and as you can see she was very old. If I couldn't be found outside it was said Mom would look for Bibsey and I would be near. I remember taking naps outside with her. The day she died I remember a storm came through with a heavy downpour of rain and of course lightening and thunder. I wasn't allowed out in the storm as Dad dug a grave out in the pasture and picked up Bibsey with the Ferguson tractor's loader as I watched crying from the dining room window. She was the first friend I lost.

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