Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tech Support!!!

I wish I understood the inter-working of the internet and setting up my computer within the control utilities/settings, etc. Today, I switched over my current phone provider to a new one where I can get free local and long distance calls 24-7. Good choice I thought... Little did I know my completely seperate internet provider had their business linked to my former phone provider so now I am left without internet access at home for a few days.
My morning was spent with a service man at my house from phone provider #2 (he came twice in fact) support with #2 on the phone, support with internet provider #1 - one guy who knew nothing and a return call from the guy in the know who laughed... "I wish you would have talked to me before you switched" Ok, who talkes to their internet provider when they're switching phone providers who are completely seperate busineses? Maybe I'm the one confused, I'm sure you are trying to follow me, I'm almost done venting. Then I talked to three different people when trying to set up the new internet provider, I kept on getting cut off when the first two put me on hold...
I'm up at school now checking e-mail and getting a few notes out that all is well here and what my situation is. So in other words I'll be going through e-mail, internet, and facebook withdrawal in the next few days at home awaiting the next service call to install my new internet system. Keep your fingers crossed all works well with the new system or I may be climbing the walls with my withdrawal symptoms.
Photo courtesy of my school photos. We made masks of the kids faces, most of them love the experience and opportunity to make them. I thought it appropriate for my situation... I can still breathe but I'm not seeing things too well right now. :-)

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Ronda said...

Ain't technology GRAND?!?!?!?! Can't live with it, can't live without it! Hope you're up and running again soon!


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