Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ancestry from Ljung, Östergötland, Sweden

I've created a group on facebook for people with Ancestry from Ljung, Östergötland, Sweden. There are only nine members so far, and I'm related to them all! A couple people from Sweden have joined and I even met one new cousin via it. I hope more people find it and join in.I'm often confused by all the farm names from a parish and some have small differences in the records I've gotten them from. Maybe they are the same place but called something different over the decades and centuries? I posted farm names from Ljung parish that connect to my ancestry on the group page, here they are: Anderstorp, Banorp, Jonstorp Banorp, Backebo Rågårda, Blixtorp, Brohemmet, Bromshus, Bäckhem perstorp, St. Carlstorp Bjärka ägor, Bjärka, Bullorps ägor, Börstorp, Djupsjöhult, Djupsjö, Fiskarehemmet, Fattighuset Sjövik, Stora Fiskare, St. Fiskarehem, Fallet, Fallhemmet, Flistorp, Flistorpet, Fredriksberg, Gillerberga, Gillerberget, Gottorp, Grönkulla, Gunnarstorp, Hjelmsätter, Håkviken, Ljungs Herrgård, Högåsa, Klasbäck, Klasbäcks ägor Soldattorpet, Haraldsberg Klasbäck, Jonstorp Klasbäck, Klänkorp, Kohagen, Kvarnsjö Magdesjö, Norrby, Nybble, Nysätter, Ragnorp, Råby, Svarttorp, Rosenlund, Torget Klasbäck, Målaretorp, Mörstorp, Nybygget Älgshult, Sibborp, Skallorp, Skattegården, Släta, Slätmotorp, Slätmon, Slätmo ägor, Stora Högåsa, Säby, Transäter, Välnäs, Vågerstad, Skallorp Haraldsberg, Prästtomta, Öna Magdesjö ägor, Älgshult, Perstorp, Sjölund, Vipehagen, Säbyholm, Högforsen Perstorp ägor, Bommarbo Råby ägor, Målaretorp, Skallorp Haraldsberg, Lillbränna Åsmestorp, Åsmestorp, Ängstugan Åsmestorp, Åsen Säby,...
There is also a photo album there with photos from Ljung, mostly from our trip there in 2001. I have more to scan but that will have to come another time.

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BG said...

Found your site, I´m just trying to help a gentleman in Iowa with his ancestry from Ljung. I have alerted him about the information you have.
Greetings from Sweden.

Bo Nordenfors


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