Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Back...

I'm back in Denver from Northwest Iowa. I'd like to think you missed my posts...
There were a few reasons for my lack of posts.
1. I was on vacation for goodness sakes!
2. I'm an iMac person and my Mom has a PC.
3. Mom's keyboard is nuts! It won't type two letters the same next to each other without a wait.
4. Her internet connection is slow or her computer is old and outdated.
5. I don't like her photo program. (Let's hear it for iPhoto!!!)
Ive been gone a month and in that time I've been in three states at once, (my parents live just west of the corner post where IA/MN/SD meet), I went to the Black Hills, had numerous family reunions and get togethers, had a mini HS class reunion with longtime friends, worked in the flower and vegetable gardens, yardwork, drove my folks to numerous doctor appointments (Mom was even put in the hospital for 4 days), cleaned closets, priced things for a garage sale, helped fix the mower, made a dozen cement stepping stones, breathe in, breathe out...
About half my summer vacation is done, time to get to my to do list here in Denver. I hope your summer is going well!

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