Sunday, July 12, 2009

Long Time Friend

On the 4th of July I went to Inwood, IA, a neighboring town and home to the Kock family and my friend Roxane was home visiting her family as I was. She now lives in New Mexico with her husband and two sons and teaches Family and Consumer Science to H.S. students.
We were classmates, in band, chorus, class plays, went on to attend the same college and both chose to become teachers.
Left: Here we are around 1972 in a photo booth on a band trip I think.

Right: On the 4th.
The morning was a rainy one that even delayed the parade, but we weathered it just fine. It was great to see her and her family and pick up as if we saw each other last week.
We also got together with some other classmates from the class of 76 and enjoyed our time reminiscing, catching up and just plain laughing. That evening Roxane came up to Larchwood to see my parents, as I had reconnected with hers, that's what friends do.

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