Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer "to do list..."

With the summer off of work there are a million things on my to do list. Some of the things are carry overs from last summer and some are even older than that! Where does the time go and how does a person manage to organize all the "free time".
I did go back home to my parents farm for 4 weeks and managed to tackle quite a few items on my list there, but now that I'm back in my own home I'm struggling with what direction to go. Prioritize and organize are difficult words for me right now. My thoughts and actions go randomly from one task to another and as other teachers know, you have to make time for playing in the summer as during the school year it's so busy or you're so exhausted...
I went plant shopping with a friend yesterday. I don't need anymore plants until my gardens get cleaned up and organized (there's that word again), but I did purchase a new hosta to add to the 125 plus varieties I already have. "Empress Wu" is a new huge hosta that is expected to grow to 4 1/2 ft. tall with leaves that may grow to 2 ft. long! How could I pass that one up? Now to find a place to put it. It will eventually travel to the farm where there is plenty of room, but for now I will baby it along. I just have to get out and work in the garden cleaning things up.
I also heard from a friend who teaches in Applington Parkersburg (the school that was destroyed by the Parkersburg tornado last year and this summer is dealing with the shooting death of their Teacher/Coach Ed Thomas, how much can a community take) and she wants to get together to share art ideas for the fall as we usually do.
There's doctor appointments, weddings, lunch dates planned for some moved on and retired teacher friends, genealogy data organization, things to get ready for the fall garage sale, taking care of the vegetable garden, sorting closets, filing papers, fixing things around the house,... the list seems unending.
I've also become addicted to facebook. It's been fun connecting to friends and family through it and I even started a couple fb groups, one for West Lyon graduates of the 70's and one for people with ancestry from Ljung, Östergötland, Sweden. Then there are the photo albums to post to fb and checking other peoples albums, identifying people in pictures which leads to family stories and more.
How's your "To Do" list coming? What's your secret to accomplishing your tasks? All suggestions are welcome!

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