Friday, July 24, 2009

More Artwork

Earlier this summer, while home at my parents, I took a couple more photos of some artwork of mine that they have. Both are watercolor paintings. The painting of our house, I did around 1990, and actually painted it sitting on the ground at the top of our driveway. (our house was built at the top of a hill in 1925) The frame is a piece of art as well and was in the family.
A photo taken in 1961 on a family vacation was the blueprint for this next painting. It was taken at Itasca State Park in Minnesota where the Mississippi River starts. There was a Native American camp there with Chief Little something adding to the atmosphere. Family lore has it I was scared of the Chief, thinking he was going to scalp us. (1960's TV shows!) I love how we're holding hands for the photo: Diane, Steve, Joe, The Chief and Debbie. He was a very nice actual Chief of a tribe there and I had a postcard addressed to me awaiting us when we returned to the farm. I still have the postcard with his personal note somewhere in my collections.

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Jamie said...

Awesome paintings, Diane!! See you at school before we know it!


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