Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Class of 76

My school years have passed by faster than I care to admit at times. I went to school in Larchwood, Alvord and the "new" rural West Lyon Community school with an Inwood, IA, address. Graduating in 1976, our Bicentennial year, we were the red, white and blue class.
My class has a reunion every five years over the 4th of July weekend, but we keep in touch via e-mails, a class web site and when a few of us are able to meet up. These people are life long friends, the best kind. When we get together it's as if the years melt away.
The web site we have is easy to keep up and helps keep us informed on what's going on in each others lives. Take a look at our site, http://classreport.org/usa/ia/inwood/wlhs/1976/, and decide to make one for your class. It's available for any class in any state (free), give it a try!
A few views from my school years...

Left: The kindergarten bunnies in Larchwood, IA.

Right: Roxane and Diane in a photo booth.

Left: A slumber party at Tami's in 1971.

Right: Another slumber party, this time at Diane's in 1972.

Left: Lori and Diane at Countdown 1974.

Right: 1974 Junior Class Play, Rest Assured. I was a poor peasant.

Left: I was lucky to go on three big band trips. Here is a group of us at Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills in 1976.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.
~E. Foley

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