Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Linda Jo

My cousin Linda has brought our family smiles and joy throughout her life. Born in 1950, she had fluid on her brain. Hydrocephalus, the medical term for this condition, occurs in one out of 500 births. Linda lives in Custer, SD. She has lost movement of her limbs and is blind, but she still enjoys a trip home to my Auntie Carol's and Uncle Wes's home for an over-night stay. Her loves are a good cup of coffee and listening to old I Love Lucy shows. She likes a good knock knock joke and lives in the past much of the time now. Recently she lost the ability to sing, a one time love, she can no longer hold a tune and can't remember all the words to long time favorites. The fluid in her brain stem is drying up. It's tough to hear of her struggles although she never complains. She's on my prayer list, add her to yours tonight too. Thank you.

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Linda Ziulkowski said...

Oh Diane,
Thank you so much for including Linda Jo. I have occasionally wondered about her. What a sweet, sweet memory to read what you have written, and remember her singing. God, please bless Linda Jo in the incredible way that YOU alone can at this time in her life. YOU make no mistakes and have blessed many through Linda Jo's life. AMEN!


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