Friday, October 17, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!

Denver High School - this is the opposite side of the building than my room is on. It's a large one level school attached to a middle school and 3rd - 5th grade buildings on the far side. It's easy to get mixed up in on your first visit. It's been a busy week for me (teachers, aren't they all?) with a Monday in-service, Tuesday night class from 4:30-9 pm. and today was the end of the quarter. To add a little mix to it all, my kiln hasn't been working right and trying to fire clay pieces for a middle school exploratory class that ended today was a struggle. I've loaded and unloaded that thing every day and had to baby sit it through the firings, staying late at night. Add grading, parent contacts, applying for a grant, sorting donated items, putting unit supplies away, getting new ones out, getting kids to blog on our art gallery blog, a detention kid, lesson plans, adding grades onto the computer,... you start to wonder whether you're coming or going. To top it all, I got stopped for speeding after school on Tuesday! It's a 20 mph zone and you can't put your foot on the pedal and stay at 20 (I've tired), you have to coast away from school. Luckily I talked the town cop out of it or he decided an old, tired teacher in a dirty old station wagon wasn't worth it.
Tonight I rest, before tackling all the stuff I've put off each night all week this weekend. I've got the makings for some homemade soup I'll put in the crock pot and I'll have my pjs on before 8 and probably be asleep by 9! What a wild life I lead... :-) Wishing you a relaxing weekend too!

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Ronda said...

AMEN, Sister! We are never good at taking care of ourselves, but we have to take a nap, veg on the couch or do something on that back burner for yourself this weekend. YOU DESERVE IT! :-)


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