Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In the Art Room, My Day

This is a view of my room from the front door. There's another half of the room around the short wall to the left (Clay/sculpture tables, supply area) and an attached graphics lab behind that. My desk is back by the window. "Inspiration" everywhere.

What a day, arrive at school at 7:30, student comes in to work on project, run off papers, get supplies ready, help another teacher with a project, post something on announcements... Classes started with 8th graders at 8:12, working with pastels on a landscape, wash tables, clean up, then getting 7th graders to download photos to their computers and doing adjustments and cropping with iPhoto, some needed to finish the last project, some needed to take more photos to download, 16 computers - 19 kids, excited kids love technology, report computer problems to tech support, then 6th graders gave artist reports while I videotaped them (I reshow these reports when they are seniors - it's become a tradition), then my first section of Art 1/Studio Art - 23 kids getting work and critiques passed back and labeling them for an art show here in Denver at our town library next week, some kids posting to our gallery blog, saving work for our school art show, kids down from study hall, lunch - prep period, breathe... go to bathroom, then another section of Art 1/Studio Art independent students and more work to pass back, labeling, following directions?, helping one student work with Adobe Illustrator for a t-shirt contest, finding lost work, posting on the blog, saving work for our school art show next spring, Drawing class/Studio Art independent students needing direction, student spilled water on an art work - more labeling, passing back work, trying to finish pen and ink drawings, and last class of the day coming in - 3-D art finishing sculptures, writing critiques of their work, some who were finished watched a video on throwing on the potters wheel after stealing a cord from another TV/VCR in another room. The classes were done at 3:00 but I had four kids stay after school to work on unfinished work, then kids in the hall goofing off instead of going home and leaving the building, running around, someone fell, ouch... "this is what happens when your doing something you're not supposed to be doing" check if they're ok, chase them home, report fall/students goofing off, do my work, grade more projects, send e-mails, return stolen cord to other TV, pick up, head to drug store - insurance refuses to pay for drugs in liquid form but they paid for pills of the same thing before - I need the liquid form, it's raining, my deck is covered with leaves and is slick, carefully make it into the house, work on the picture above on the computer, doing this posting, relax.................

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Carol said...

I am right there with you! We have Friday off this week aftet 2 nights of parent teacher conferences. Of course, I will find many things to fill my day. Hope you have a nice restful weekend. Love, Carol


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