Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On the Road Again

Mom and Dad are preparing to leave for their winter home in Mesa tomorrow. There is a lot to do before leaving and Mom has taken on much of that burden, with Dad having recently had surgery.

She's always been "Superwoman" in our family, with a reputation for working hard, helping others and just plain taking care of everyone and everything. This year she will also be driving all the way to Mesa, since Dad is not cleared to drive yet. They've promised to stop often and I'm praying for good weather and safe roads ahead of them.
Once unloaded at Mesa Spirits, they're planning to go down to Tucson at the end of next week to help Deb at a Scandinavian craft sale, where she sells baskets she weaves. From there on their schedule and activities get busier and busier.
I'm already looking forward to Christmas when Joe and I will be flying down and we'll all head to Debbie's for Christmas.
Praying for safe travels for Mom and Dad and wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.
11/27 Update: Mom and Dad made it to Concordia, KS, their first day. There is the possibility of snow and rain for their travels on Friday so they are planning to get an early start to try to beat it.
11/28 Update: They're in Santa Rosa, NM tonight. Amazingly they met up with friends Dick and Janet Sunde from Sioux Falls there and they are in the same motel. The Sunde's winter at the same place Mom and Dad do. They had left Sioux Falls at 2 am this morning so had quite a trip today.
11/29 Update: They are safely in their home in Mesa, arriving around 5 pm.

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