Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prayer Request

A high school classmate of mine is in need of prayers and I couldn't think of a better way to get the added prayers out, than to post this on my blog. Cathie's husband Chris, had bleeding on his brain suddenly start a week ago and he has been in the hospital this past week dealing with complications due to his situation. Two days ago they were planning to move him by ambulance to a hospital ( in Santa Barbara, CA) that specifies in brain injuries, but yesterday those plans were put on hold due to the emergency created by the wild fires and the dry Santa Anna winds threatening the area.
Cathie's parents passed away around 30 years ago, at 20 yrs old or so she dropped out of college and took on the role of raising 6 younger siblings. She's a special person and has found that special person in her life as well in Chris. Please add Chris and Cathie to your prayers. Thank you.

11/16 update: Saturday Chris had surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain. He is currently in ICU and sedated to keep the swelling down.
11/17 update: Chris is still sedated, Cathie was told it may be 3-5 days more of this to allow things to heal in their own time. They are keeping him stable. It's the waiting that is tough.
11/19 update: He is not responding after being taken off the sedation medicine and now has a fever so there is infection someplace. The pressure hasn't changed and they have taken him off other medicines as well. Today they took a series of test to see what the brain function was, but Cathie doesn't have the results yet. I'm afraid there are difficult days ahead. Please keep them in your prayers.
11/20 update: After multiple tests it was determined Chris is not going to wake from this trauma to his brain. Life support was pulled from him today and he is dealing with a staff infection as well. Cathie said she knows his spirit has passed and now the family is praying that his physical body will follow. His heart is strong so they are unsure how long this will take.
11/22: Chris passed away peacefully early this morning.

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Karen said...

Will keep them in my prayers...please keep us updated!!


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