Thursday, February 26, 2009

The "Before" awaiting the "After"

These are two pieces of canvas I silkscreened on down at UNI a couple years ago. They aren't necessarily subject matter/screens I would have chosen, so I'm torn at what to do, to make them "mine". I consider them unfinished art, they're awaiting something... What is it? Paint? Stitches? Adornments?

I always thought I'd make them into a bookbag, but it could be a pillow, stretched on a frame, part of a quilt, a... something. Of course this helps the procrastinator in me, if I post them here, I'll have to finish them. Any ideas? I welcome all suggestions in the comments below!


Carol said...

Speechless on this one.....odd for me, I know!!! PLEASE, keep us posted and let us see the finished product!!! Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane..found your very cool blog through Carrie and Beth's. I am kind of a mixed media I like the idea of a frame. I might add some real twigs, some scrabble type letters (nature) and maybe even some painted angel wings for the deer? Just ideas...I really like artist Gena Ollendieck's mixed media from the Cresco area.


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