Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prayer Request

We all know someone who has battled cancer, which opens our eyes to others struggling with this ugly disease. Recently, three high school classmates of mine (out of a class of 80) have been diagnosed; Barry has brain cancer, Doug has colon cancer and Stephanie has breast cancer. Two former co-workers of mine have been battling this disease for over two years, Penny and Jo. Jo is currently in the hospital and tonight I found out her children have been called home from across the country to be with her. A faithful reader of my blog, who is a distant cousin in Sweden, has a brother Christer, battling brain cancer. A cousin back in South Dakota, a neighbor's daughter,... the list goes on...
Sadly from my own experience with seeing Steve through his battle with cancer, I know cancer can also bring you closer as you face the challenges together, that is a gift and a joy that brings comfort in the face of pain. The love and support of family and friends is a powerful way to gain strength and no one can face the unthinkable without God's will and promises before us.
My heart aches for these people who have touched my life. Join me in sending out prayers for all who have cancer and their families who love and support them.

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Carol said...

I, too, feel the impact of so much illness and sorrow and loss. I hope you are doing ok. I still miss mom every day, and your loss of Steve must be very fresh yet. Take care. Oh, and I use www.picnic.com for photo enhancement! Carol


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