Friday, February 13, 2009

Collecting Art Supplies

It's not odd that an art teacher would be a collector of old art materials. My house is decorated with art and art supplies along with other eclectic items I treasure. I've gotten many of these art items from family members, friends and even former students, along with purchasing a few myself. Most people don't notice the old box of chalk or jar of dried up paint as being something anyone would want to have.
I haven't added to my collection for a while. Have you ever collected something and at some point it's too easy to accumulate and it's not as much fun anymore. Of course, once I see that unique piece I'll be all excited again!


Carol said...

I love your treasures. They are just beautiful and I totally understand why you would collect them. I just never thought of it I guess, plus I don't think I see them around. I may just have to start LOOKING for that kind of thing. Take care. Enjoy your weekend! Love, Carol

Ronda said...

AWESOME! I don't have many OLD supplies (except a few watercolor pans that I see you have as well), but I do have TONS of Crayola® tins that have never been opened (except the one that my son opened with excitement by accident). Fun, fun stuff!


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