Monday, February 2, 2009

Deb's Belated Birthday Post

Right: 1958, Four year old Debbie.
It was my sister's birthday last week and I had wanted to post a bunch of photos of some of her early birthday parties but got distracted with tech problems and who knows what else. I love looking back in time... It's fun to see all the neighbors and friends in their youth. Click on any of the photos to see them enlarged.

January 1957: Three year old Deb with her cake, and Deb, Joe and Steve along with the Dieters and Bruce Bonander over to celebrate.
January 1958: The party hat crowd. I see kids from the Johnson, Viereck, Swanson, Bjork, Hansen, Bonander and Dieters families.

Below, January 1962: The birthday table and playing dress up.

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