Saturday, September 13, 2008

Garage Sale - DONE!

I had a garage sale at my place today with some friends. It was Garage Sale Days in Denver where, I live. It rained the entire time, even last night when we opened for a couple hours. I thought for sure people would stay home but I underestimated the resolve true garage sale shoppers have. Everyone was wet and many tired but we had a good steady crowd. What is one persons trash is another ones treasure. I like the idea of recycling and reusing things. I managed to find plenty of treasures myself and I only went to two places! I found the exercise bike I was looking for, so it was a good day. Then of course it's also a huge social event. I get to see many former students and parents too and of course get to spend time with my friends. We do this every year so we have regulars who stop back each year. Due to the rain, my neighbors were kind enough to open their two stall garage and we had a two garage sale.
Now it's time to put the feet up and rest up... how was your day?

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Carol said...

Did you get to rest? I am very blessed to have kids and grandkids, but I now know how tired my mom used to get with company around all the time. I feel like I have turned into her sometimes! I am tired just thinking about having a rummage sale. That flea market wore me out. I don't think I will do that again. I am feeling better tonight. Needed to rest all day though, and just be lazy. My stomach is still a bit sore, so not sure what it was or if it will just go away completely on its own. Take care, Carol


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