Friday, September 26, 2008

More Homecoming

Left: Cowboys and Indians Day. Sarah in the back said she was a true Indian with a red dot on her forehead and the others were Cowboys and "Native Americans".

Right: Cowboy Kurt, he dressed up each day, really getting into the Homecoming spirit

Left: Tradition, I always paint any HS art student's face who wants me to. I had kids coming in at 7:30 am. I also sold temporary tattoos for the art department of our school mascot, the cyclones!

Right: Senior art students helped me with painting faces too.

Left: Barb, the HS resource teacher who's class is across the hall from mine, at the pep rally.

Left: The homecoming court had to race through a costume change at different stations during the pep rally.

Right and below: The seniors won the spirit stick!

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Linda Ziulkowski said...

What great memories the kids are making. Some of my fondest school memories, both of my own experience as well as my kids are those special observances during the school years like homecoming. What a privilege to have fun at school, to even be at school. I know few kids there recognize the blessing of an education, it seems more a pain to them, but live in a nation where an entire generation missed the experience because of the terrors of war and you see the devestation for a life time that occurs. It is really sad that so many we serve here don't even know how to spell let alone write their own name.

Glad you all had fun.



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