Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Love Our Pets

The Johnson family have loved animals our whole lives. I don't have all of our pet photos scanned or in a digital format but the following will show you some of the animals who have found a place in our hearts over the years. I'm missing photos of a lamb, various turtles, birds, hamsters, chinchillas, a raccoon, and a couple dogs.

Right: Sophie watching me drive up in my driveway in Denver. She was a great companion for 14 years.

Left: Diane in 1961 taking a nap with the kitties.

Right: Duke guarding Steve on the swing in 1957.

Left: Steve and Sheba watching TV back in 1983. Sheba started laying on the boys chest as a little puppy, as she grew she still thought she could lay on any of us when we laid on the couch. Imagine the plop she'd make as she'd surprise you and jump up. It took your breath away.

Right: In the winter of 1961, they said if you were looking for me outside I would be sitting with Bibsey out in the yard. She was so old, her hair was long and she leaned on anything when she did stand. But I loved her.

Left: Benji and baby Sheba taking over Steve's lap back in the late 70's. Benji was so smart. He was definitely Mom and Dad's dog and protector.

Right: Steve on our pony Spotty. Seems I remember Spotty was involved in broken arms for both Steve and Joe...

Left: Deb with her kitties Max and Mikaela opening their Christmas presents. Our animals always open their presents first.

Right: Winnie and Mom having a heart to heart talk. He loves to sit on laps and is quite a handful once he gets there.

Left: Joe and our new puppy, Blondie in 1958. A cocker spaniel, she was with us for 13 years and loved to have her tummy vacuumed.

Right: Back in 1972, Steve with Sally and Cappy on the kitchen floor. It looks like Sally was jealous at the time of this photo.

Left: Joe and Winston in the spring of 08. Winnie loves taking a ride to do chores or to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

Right: Mom (Darlene) with Deb's cat Max down in Tucson last winter.

Left: Kelly (Calvin/Dad) with his pony Jack on the farm.

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