Tuesday, December 30, 2008

AZ Update

I suppose many of you regulars thought I fell off the edge of the Earth! Not really, but I have been enjoying myself once I finally got to Arizona.

Mom and Dad's place in Mesa.

We traveled to Tucson Christmas morning and spent a couple days at my sister's house there. It was colder than usual and even froze on our last night there so the van had to be scraped and we covered plants at Deb's. A blossom that missed the coverings was encased in ice Saturday morning, hard to believe the cold followed me down to Arizona.

Joe left for home on Sunday afternoon. It's warming up here in Mesa and we've gone swimming the last two days with plans to go again before I leave. The water's been great on my joints. (I twisted my knee getting into a seat on the airplane in Mnpls. and heard it pop! Clutz!) I'd love to have easy access to a pool back home.

We've been enjoying fresh fruit from Mom and Dad's grapefruit and orange trees. Imagine going out in the morning to pick fruit for breakfast. I'm sneaking some into my suitcase on Friday!
We dug up some rocks and spread some potting soil for a little flower bed for Mom today and I laid some brick tiles off their patio. I've been working on my Christmas cards and also have some drawings to grade for school along... always a teacher. I fly back into Waterloo Friday night and school starts Monday. Time will go fast so I'm off to relax some more...
(These are all Joe's photos so you'll have to live through mine later... :-)

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Carol said...

Glad you are enjoying your trip...finally...I know it will go fast! You look really beautiful in your red shirt standing by your Dad! Have a safe return trip. Carol


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