Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Travel Delay

Well, got up early this am and my friend Kem came in to pick me up a little before 5:30 am. We got some snow last night and it's still snowing this am. (not a whole lot but on top of what we had, it's enough) Saw a few cars in the ditch as we inched along down to Waterloo, it was tough to see where the road lane was, good thing it was a 4 lane highway. As soon as we walked into the airport they brought the news that my flight was just canceled. I'm rebooked for a flight tonight but won't get into Phoenix until midnight, so I may see Santa while in flight. (hopefully I'll be in the air)

The lutfisk will have to wait until tomorrow... Winter travel is the pits.

Hopefully you make it to your holiday festivities.

My Grandpa Joe Johnson with his Franklin car in our driveway back home on the farm. At least I'm not doing winter traveling in an open car like this, side curtains or not!


Beth Hoden said...

Good luck getting to Phoenix Diane! I hate winter travel as well. My brother is heading to Florida on Friday with an infant, so I keep hoping they get out on time. Enjoy the trip!

Carol said...

Best wishes to you as you travel during this snowy season. You will "git 'er done"! Merry Christmas. CArol


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