Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Christmas Photos

Christmas 2006, On Mom and Dad's patio in Mesa. We had just gone swimming on the afternoon of Christmas Day, definitely something we weren't used to doing. Steve set up his tripod and took this family photo with the timer on his camera. It would be our last Christmas all together.

Christmas 1991, Steve in our living room awaiting opening his presents. He never liked having his photo taken so we'd sneak photos whenever we could.

Papa peeling potatoes on Christmas Eve, 2004, to go along with our Lutfisk at Deb's house in Tucson. Whenever he peals potatoes, he talks about his experience at pealing them when he had KP during his time in the Army, where he got lots of practice. Don't get confused, Mom is usually the potato peeler of the family! Maybe that's why we were sure to get a photo of this scene in the kitchen!

Christmas Eve 1968, at Grandma Phoebe's in Sioux Falls. Lined up for a photo is Joe, Steve, Deb, Grandma Wettestad and Diane. We always went to Grandma Johnson's on Christmas Eve through 1970, her last Christmas. Grandma Wettestad stayed with us in the winter, especially during the holiday season. Grandma Johnson's house always had a big fresh tree in the living room window and lots of room at all the tables set up throughout the house to accommodate the growing family. After celebrating here with the Aunts, Uncles and cousins, we would go to Grandview Covenant Church for midnight service and see more extended family and neighbors.

Christmas Eve 2004, Tucson, AZ. Mom making the white sauce for the Lutfisk for our Christmas Eve meal at Debbies. All of us like Lutfisk except Joe. We all gathered at Deb's this year. Steve left after Christmas for a trip to Egypt on January 1, 2005.

Christmas 2004, On Christmas Day we went to the desert museum outside of Tucson. Here is Joe, Rebecca and Steve at a lookout we stopped at on the way to the museum.

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