Monday, December 22, 2008

Blog Friends

When I ask myself “why do I do this blog?” I have lots of answers; it’s reflective about the past, sharing genealogy with family members, an easy way to keep in touch with friends and family, sharing art work, asking questions and a journal of my experiences.

Here are some of the faces of the people who log in, I know I’ve missed many of you in this little photo montage but I know you’re out there, I just don’t have your photo handy. Among those in the photos are relatives and friends from Arizona, Iowa, Norway, South Dakota, and Sweden. I’ve heard from cousins I keep in touch with and those I don’t know well, classmates, college friends, fellow art teachers, co-workers, old friends and new who are just passing through. I’m glad you stop by and love the comments and e-mails you send about my postings!

I wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!


Carol said...

I'm here,checking on you, and the plow just went by, so I may be out today! No school and the house is warmer today, the wind is down, so it's all good! Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

Hey Diane,
Do you have room in your suitcases for me to come along with to the warm weather? I'm heading home to Larchwood this afternoon. Spend some quality time with my parents. Dad has had a rough 6 months health wise so looking forward to spending time with him. Thanks for your blog. I look everyday to see what you have new. Have a merry Christmas and hopefully we can get together sometime, somewhere in the New Year. Deb


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