Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No school

Winter weather... First it was a two hour delay, and less than an hour later, it turned into a canceled day. Now, my chance to have a productive day in my house. I've already sorted mail and made garbage and more for the recycled pile. I've got laundry going and packed up cans to be returned. I've read through e-mail that's been sitting there, deleted many and forwarded a few. What's next on my long list of procrastination possibilities? Time will tell.
I wanted to share a new find with you... while searching through other blogs and gathering ideas, I found a Swedish artist, Gunnel Svensson from Göteberg, Sweden. She has things listed on etsy.com, a place to purchase handmade items that I never knew about before yesterday. Take a look at Gunnels "store". These are two of her pieces, don't you love all the detail?


gunnelsvensson said...

Oh, what a suprise to see my works here ! Thank you so very much!!

Bee Skelton said...

What a charming blog :) Your collections are so interesting.

ingermaaike said...

Gunnel indeed makes the most amazing creations. Fun to have a look around on your blog, thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

They are indeed lovely as is all her work.
I enjoyed your blog.


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