Sunday, December 14, 2008

God Gave Us Memories

God has given us so many "gifts"... one I treasure is family.
The photo of the rose above was taken by my brother Steve. ( I added the J.M. Barrie quote and changed the colors of the photo.) He passed away a year ago, on December 19th. As I think back on Christmas memories, it's as if Steve is right here with us.

Christmas scenes from 1961

Diane and Steve, for many years we'd dress up and portray Mary and Joseph during the Christmas season, acting out the manger scene. The manger was an old suitcase stand, the doll my sister Debbie's and of course bathrobes served as our costumes.

Debbie and Steve as Mary and Joseph. "Baby Jesus" laid on a pillow in our upstairs hallway.

Showing off their Christmas gifts. Remember cap guns with the tape you'd load the mini guns with and it'd pop when you'd pull the trigger? Joe and Steve have those tucked in their pajama bottoms along with showing off their guns and holsters.
Christmas Morning. Nurse Debbie standing in the back with Diane, Joe and Steve down front, playing with their new toys.

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Carol said...

Love your memories and old photos. We didn't have very many old photos, I suppose no money for film or developing. I am going to scan some though. It is fun to go through them. Take care. Stay warm! Love, Carol


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