Monday, December 1, 2008


Creative discovery lies not over the horizon but in the landscape before us. It exists in our developing new ways of looking at it.

Where does your inspiration come from? Mine is usually sparked by something I see. As a visual learner, I use images and objects to inspire something else. I fill the art room with much that would appear as clutter to some people, but I'm hoping to inspire my students with these items. What other classroom would have a vase of dead flowers (it was a new bouquet at one time given as a gift), a buffalo jaw bone, a plastic skull (how many students have asked if it was real which my running joke is "yes, it was an art student who misbehaved,... no, it was an after Halloween sale item"), there are many old sculptures and drawings, posters, and doesn't every room have a laundry basket full of miscellaneous items waiting to make their way into a sculpture? I can't help it, I collect, I store things in bins, cupboards, old file cabinets... I can't show it all here, but hopefully you can imagine it. Here's the ever changing and growing bulletin board by my desk.
Chaos is not to be feared. Where it exists it necessitates the most creative thinking.
Everything that has been created has beauty, but not everyone is prepared to see it.


Carol said...

Amen, Sister! I am not sure if everyone sees the beauty in the things I do either, but I just keep on collecting. Sometimes the kids say how much stuff I have and when they need something and I have it, or they make something out of something I have, I always chide, "Now aren't you glad I kept all that "junk"? Right now, I am saving all kinds of used fast food baskets, to go boxes, pizza boxes, etc. The students are making food sculptures. They really should be bringing in their own display method, but sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get it to school, so I keep on hauling for them. I will post some pics when it all works out. Love, Carol

Ronda said...

...and that is what makes you an AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, and INSPIRING art teacher (and friend)!



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