Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's Next?

The mixed media, fiber art, and ALL the art work I've looked at recently has inspired me. This is a piece I did quite a few years ago but it hangs on my bulletin board at school. (It's faded over the years, was it really that long ago I made it?) I sewed a face on tag board using my sewing machine. I like how the threads hang loose. I've always wanted to experiment with this more and now I think I just may do that. Maybe over some paintings I already have, using different colors of thread.
About 20 years ago, my students and I did some sewing together of photocopies. One student laid on the copier and got her whole body photocopied and then she sewed it together in pieces and also watercolored some on the collage. It won some awards at area art shows. I wish I had a photo of it now. (Hasn't digital photography allowed us to document things easier?)
While talking with some co-workers today, I showed them Gunnel's work I found yesterday and we've got the plans in the making to get together on a Saturday in the new year and get creative making some mixed media collages. Doesn't that sound like a fun play date?

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